Verona is full of artistic, historical and cultural histories, all this in a city that maintains a suggestive atmosphere.
A city where you are surrounded by history with every step you take and every glance.
2000 years of history and a vast artistic and architectural heritage are revealed to you as you stroll among the streets of the old city center, the battlemented city walls and the wonderful views.
The city's past centuries of history and its past splendour are witnessed by its architectural and artistic masterpieces; its culture and art are well renowned on a national and international level. For this reason, in the year 2000 Verona was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Roman ruins, medieval vestiges, Venetian and Austrian traces can be seen all across the city, as well as antique palaces, squares, bridges and wonderful churches. In the historical centre, Piazza Bra and the Arena, Piazza Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, Via Cappello and Corso Porta Borsari lead to the Teatro Romano, Ponte Pietra, Castelvecchio, the Ponte Scaligero and the ancient churches of San Fermo and Sant'Anastasia, the Cathedral (Duomo) and San Zeno. 


Tour program

09:30 - Meeting at Verona Train station (or from your location on request) 
10:15 - Arriving in Verona and visit the town
11:30 - Have a break with a typical Italian coffee. 
13:00 - Lunch in a typical “trattoria“ (traditional local restaurant).
14:30 - visit the town or if you prefer we can stop in a “enoteca” and have a wine tasting.
16:00 - Drop off in Verona train station (or any other place on request)

The Verona tour includes:

Drop in and drop off in Verona
coffee in the morning
the English speaking guide that will stay with you all day
lunch in a typical trattoria.

Let us know if in the afternoon you would like to stop in a “enoteca” .. a bar with a great selection of wines.


Transportation from your location to Verona is not included.

If necessary we can come and pick you up where required.
AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND, EVERY DAY for a minimum of 2 people.


For more information contact us by e-mail