All our guides are certified and perfect English, French, German, Portogues speaking.

Sara is an Italian tour leader from the immediate Venetian inland. She attended a local high school for tourism and in 2012 she graduated in Conference Interpreting in Trieste, enjoying a number of useful working and studying experiences abroad. Thus she has collected friends all over the world (what a hobby!) while learning languages, traditions and habits. She is active, curious, entertaining, a bit too chatty and definitely deeply in love with the fascinating Venezia.

“ Hi! My name is Sara! I am a tour leader deeply in love with Venice and its surroundings which are becoming my “field” of action. Actually, I do come from the fields, namely the countryside in the immediate mainland embracing the Venetian lagoon. Yet Venice has always attracted me, with the family boat trips to fish at dawn, with my grandmother tales and gossip of the backstage of La Fenice theatre, with school trips and excursions, with my friends from all over the world collected while studying, living, working, travelling abroad …they have come to visit me and “her”, the Queen of the Adriatic, a city with no comparison, you might like it or not, yet “she” is unique… come and let me introduce you Venezia!“