Padua, just half an hour away from Venice, is perfect for everyone and at anytime …! Here you will admire the Botanical Garden and the famous Scrovegni's Chapel by Giotto. The Botanical Garden of Padua is the original of all botanical gardens throughout the world, and represents the birth of science, of scientific exchanges, and understanding of the relationship between nature and culture. It has made a profound contribution to the development of many modern scientific disciplines, notably botany, medicine, chemistry, ecology, and pharmacy. By the end of the 16th century the number of species that were cultivated in the garden was more than one thousand and included species of plants not necessary medicinal. The number of plants in the garden greatly varied through time. It rapidly increased during the 19th century to 16th thousands specimens. The plants are grouped to form collections on the basis of their characteristics. Some of the more interesting collections are:

  • Insectivorous Plants
  • Medicinal and poisonous plants - this is the historical purpose of the garden's foundation in 1545.
  • Itinerary for Blind People - Aromatic or thorny plants, in pots so they can be changed throughout the year. Labels are written in Braille.
  • Aquatic Plants

The most antique living plant is a Palm of St. Peter (Chamaerops humilis var. arborescens) planted in 1585. It is called "Goethe Palm" after the famed German poet who in 1786, after having studied it, expressed his evolution intuition in his 1790s essay on "The Metamorphosis of Plants". The Botanical Garden also houses two important collections. The library contains more than 50,000 volumes and manuscripts of immense historical and bibliographic importance. The herbarium is the second most extensive in Italy.
The Scovegni Chapel is one of the most important masterpiece of the Western art frescoed by Giotto. 

Tour program

09:30 - Meeting at Padua Train station or bus station (or from your location on request)
10:00 - Our certificated English speaking guide will take you to the “heart” of the town and bring you to explore the Scrovegni's Chapel
11:00 - Have a break with a typical Italian coffee.
11:30 -Visit the city centre
12:30 - Lunch in a typical “trattoria“ (traditional local restaurant).
14:00 - visit the Botanical Garden which is protected by UNESCO
16:00 - Drop off in Padua train station (or any other place on request)

The Botanical Garden tour includes:

the tickets entrance for Scrovegni's Chapel and the Botanical garden
coffee in the morning
the English speaking guide that will stay with you all day
glass of wine or coffee.


Transportation from your location to Padua is not included.

If necessary we can come and pick you up where required.
AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND, EVERY DAY for a minimum of 2 people.


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